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Madonna-thon weekend

OH SNAP.  they are showing Vision Quest right this moment the Fuse Network* and and boy oh boy am I enjoying it.

The last time I saw this movie it was in a theater and I was 15 and on a group date sorta thing.  My boyfriend and I and all our friends thought we were verrrrrry sophisticated for picking up on how homoerotic it was.

*(never heard of it.)
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Rough week

I feel like I spent my entire week having a flat tire, and then sitting in the waiting room at the tire store reading issues of every single fashion and home decoration magazine, ever.  This is what happens when I ignore the advice my friend's mom gave many years ago: always bring a book with you, everywhere.  It may have cured me of wanting to ever spend another dollar on the fashion-industrial complex: shoes, bags, perfume, housey knick-nacks and bric a brac, pave-encrusted earrings, charm necklaces, CUTE TOPS.  High-waisted jeans: DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY AND PULL THIS LOOK OFF!  From now on I am spending all my disposable income on tires.
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TV time now

Oh hi.  So, due to the fact that my friend Cynthia has proposed a weekly Lost TV-viewing night, and that Cynthia and I both made New Year's resolutions to be more social, and the fact that I have a cat-crush on Cynthia's cat and will jump at any chance to go cuddle with him, I have decided to start watching the show Lost.  I've never watched it, besides maybe one episode a few years ago that I think featured a briefcase and handcuffs and that really is all I remember.  Any words of advice from those of you who watch this show?  I figure any huge questions I have about the plot that I haven't already picked up, I can ask during commercials.

Also, all you lucky people who enjoy Friday Night Lights should go here.  And then go here, and make sure you read to the very last line, cause it just gets better and better.  SO GOOD.
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It has Electrolytes!

This is so intriguing.  I kind of want it, ok I want it a lot after seeing it at the store and poking at the dirt-free herbs.  But I can't figure out whether you'd be dependent on their seed pods or whether you can rig up your own.  Out of seeds?  and pods?  If you ran out of pods could you wrap up the seeds with dental floss or felt or something?  It's got NASA-tested aeroponic technology, people.  Damn.  
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Questions for my internet friends

1.  I heard somewhere that if you sell your music CDs, like to the used record store, you are legally required to delete any files you may have made of the songs, MP3 format or whatever.  I hate this, but I guess it makes sense.  So do you have to delete your files if you're donating the CDs?  Is is silly to even wonder about this?

2.  Is it laying it on a bit thick if I say in a cover letter that I would be honored to be considered for the job in question?  My business writing style tends to be very polite and a little old fashioned, but these people don't know that yet.
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Good news and bad

Good news: my resume has never looked this fabulous.

Bad news: so it turns out the job that looked so amazing, for which I was polishing the resume, was filled back in June.
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Anger. Pain. Fear. Aggression.

I had a dream last night that I came up with a wonderful, devastatingly hilarious response to the NY Times "hipster librarian" article that perfectly expressed the amount of ambivalence and annoyance and "where the fuck is my $51,000/year librarian job" emotion that I feel about it.  That is one knee-jerk response that never goes away, having seen one version after another of these "Librarians! They are actually hip" type articles for years now, I always just say HOW IS THIS GOING TO GET US BETTER SALARIES.

Of course now that I'm awake I'm just as befuddled by it as ever and ARRRRNG, BRAIN HURTS.  Soon, someone will publish one of those "Wow!  Girls read comics too!" articles and I'll just transfer my annoyance to that.