ilovehpl (ilovehpl) wrote,

Anger. Pain. Fear. Aggression.

I had a dream last night that I came up with a wonderful, devastatingly hilarious response to the NY Times "hipster librarian" article that perfectly expressed the amount of ambivalence and annoyance and "where the fuck is my $51,000/year librarian job" emotion that I feel about it.  That is one knee-jerk response that never goes away, having seen one version after another of these "Librarians! They are actually hip" type articles for years now, I always just say HOW IS THIS GOING TO GET US BETTER SALARIES.

Of course now that I'm awake I'm just as befuddled by it as ever and ARRRRNG, BRAIN HURTS.  Soon, someone will publish one of those "Wow!  Girls read comics too!" articles and I'll just transfer my annoyance to that.
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