ilovehpl (ilovehpl) wrote,

TV time now

Oh hi.  So, due to the fact that my friend Cynthia has proposed a weekly Lost TV-viewing night, and that Cynthia and I both made New Year's resolutions to be more social, and the fact that I have a cat-crush on Cynthia's cat and will jump at any chance to go cuddle with him, I have decided to start watching the show Lost.  I've never watched it, besides maybe one episode a few years ago that I think featured a briefcase and handcuffs and that really is all I remember.  Any words of advice from those of you who watch this show?  I figure any huge questions I have about the plot that I haven't already picked up, I can ask during commercials.

Also, all you lucky people who enjoy Friday Night Lights should go here.  And then go here, and make sure you read to the very last line, cause it just gets better and better.  SO GOOD.
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